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Researching our family history will lead to a most rewarding and educational experience. Research enables us to learn more... to discover the many events in our ancestors' lives and to explore who they really were through books, photos, documents and more. This experience not only defines our family but our heritage as well.
Genealogical research can be as simple as gathering family information to yet more complex and in depth means. Adhering to strict genealogical standards with detailed information ensure that the data collected will posture us for a more successful experience with the most accurate results possible.
Dedicated to our ancestors, The Family Tree Chronicle shall chronicle and archive our heritage.  Please share with us what you know!  There is no such thing as too little or insignificant information.  You might be surprised that what you know may very well hold the very key to opening up a door.
Here you will find a number of ancestral family lines & origins. Some are intertwined.  As you journey through these discoveries keep an open mind as one never knows what might be just around the corner.  Additionally, most genealogists and family historians never really feel that their research is ever complete.  They believe that the research is always ongoing.  So be sure to check back often for updates and additions...  and now ask yourself...
                    Are You Ready For The Adventure Of A Lifetime?
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