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The Library:  For a number of years, Dan Jungclas has been creating and compiling a Library in an effort to both document and preserve our family history and heritage.  The Library is comprised of two collections, one is a hard (print) copy collection, the second is a digital collection stored either here at the Family Tree Chronicle or on data CD's or DVD's.  The contents of the library span multiple family lines and numerous places and can often be intertwined.  Additionally the library is primarily a list of references to our heritage.  
Have Something To Contribute To The Library?  If you would like to make a donation or submit materials to the library or have something digitally scanned so it can be added to the library please make the necessary arrangements using the Contact Form. All originals will be promptly returned unless agreed to otherwise.
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Dan Jungclas' Personal Library:  This Collection consists of a number of items with regards to both general genealogical research & family history.  Some of this collection is reference in nature, some instructional, and some relates directly to specific subject matter that pertains to our heritage... like the history of some of our ancestral villages and so on. 

Some of the books are available through the main (downtown) library of the Public Library Library of Cincinnati and Hamilton County or the Kenton County Library . If you interest in any of them, you may visit the main library in person and/or you may search their catalog which is available online.  If you are unable to visit the main library you should check with them to see if any of the books are available through Inter-Library loan.
The two links below lead to the same information but in two different file formats.  These two files only contain a list or catalog of the books or items in this collection. 
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Dan Jungclas' eLibrary:  In addition to the personal hard copy (print) collection referenced above, Dan Jungclas also has created an "eLibrary" here at Family Tree Chronicle.  What is an "eLibrary"?  Well, it is a collection or library of digitally scanned copies of books and so on.  These "eBooks" are generally in the format of PDF files. The link below leads to the eCollection. 
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Updated 3 Dec 2017

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