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PDF (.pdf) files require the use of Adobe Acrobat Reader (free software) or it's equivalent...  Additionally, the records files can be quite large in size and it is suggested that you use high speed internet access to view or download them.
Per our privacy policy, records pertaining to living individuals will NOT appear in this archive however we still encourage you to submit all records for living individuals for preservation. Those records will be saved and preserved for prosperity and will be made available after that particular individual has passed away.
Please take a few moments to read the notes below
so you can understand how this archive is set up.
RECORDS in the archive are cataloged into FOLDERS by SURNAME, then by SUBJECT MATTER, and then by FILE NAME OF THE RECORD. Each RECORD HAS IT'S OWN UNIQUE FILE NAME..
The RECORD'S FILE NAME will usually contain hypens (-). Example: date-lastname-firstname-description.pdf
A plus sign (+) at the end of the pdf file name indicates that there are multiple entries or references in that record.
Two consecutive hypens/ minus signs (--) anywhere within the file name indicates that there is missing information and that there should be a name, description or reference which should appear in that record.
 Each RECORD'S FILE NAME is then organized or defined by DATE in an 8 digit format pertaining to year month and then day when possible, then by a LAST NAME, then by FIRST NAME, and then by DESCRIPTION/EVENT/REFERENCE and so on...

20100101-lastname-firstname-description.pdf reads:
2010 Year - 01 Month of January - 01 Day #1 - Last Name - First Name - Description - .pdf

1979 (Year) 05 (Month of May) 25 (Day 25) -jungclas (Last Name) -daniel (First Name) -report-card (Description).pdf
  Marriages are listed by Groom however Maiden Names are often listed/included as well. Hint search the web page for "nee-maidenname".
  Entries & References (PDF files only) can be easily found by looking for the RED box outline.  Please note that some files may include muliple entries or references within the same file. The primary reference will be indicated by a Red box outline. Any additional entries or references will be indicated by a YELLOW box outline.   
Notes & Translations (PDF files only) are indicated with a Yellow Page icon.  Hover over or click on the icon and the note or translation will pop up
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Please note that not all PDF files can be searched. Searching a PDF file will depend upon the content of the PDF file.
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Have Something To Contribute To The Record Archive? 
If you would like to make a donation to the record archive or have something digitally scanned so it can be added to the record archive please make the necessary arrangements using the Contact Form.
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